Bri Smiling
Bri with hand on mouth

Bri Piccari

Creator of Things

Jake Smiling
Jake with hand on head

Jake Whetstone

Process Processor

Joel Smiling
Joel Smiling with Umbrella

Joel Walker

The Boss

Jim with cool shades
Jim peeking over shades

Jim Feather

All Around Good Guy

Jonathan Smiling
Jonathan leaning in

Jonathan Yeager

The Illusionist

Lauren smiling
Lauren resting

Lauren Manelius

Controller of Chaos

Mel looking contemplative
A bear!

Mel Wall


Randy smiling
Oh shit it's Yani!

Randy Berridge

Financial Engineer

Alex straight faced
Alex cracking up

Alex Yost

El Presidente

Mike Smiling
Mike with Tie

Mike McMonagle


Zach Smiling
Zack Turning

Zach Fedor

Bit Philosopher

Alex Smiling
Alex on phone

Alex Barger

Technology Director

Chris Smiling
Chris Excited

Chris Tress

The Reel Deal

James smirking
James looking shifty

James Laurelli

Purveyor of Doom

Another image of Tyler

Tyler Golden

Infrastructure and Security


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